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Mid-America Display a Boxes Inc. Company purchased the Redline RL-2200 in December 2015. The machine that we purchased had the automatic feed and stripping section. Our reasoning behind the RL-2200 was to mirror the largest Litho presses 60” x 80” and gives us the option to run the smaller format 28” x 40” labelled sheets.

We run a wide array of work from short runs to large runs and with the quick set up times, fast production speeds, and the stripping section this has improved our efficiency numbers by 300% over our hand fed clamshell die cutters. As well we have reduced the amount of people from 6 to 5 people on our largest clamshell with hand stripping to 2 people while utilizing the stripping section.

The Redline has been a great addition to our production floor and I couldn’t be happier with its results. The overall reliability of the machine and it’s build quality was by far superior to the other machines that I reviewed.

I would recommend the Redline to anyone who was in the market for a new die cutter.

Thank you to Steve and his team for their continued support.

Jason Mueller, Vice President of Mid-America Display


Last year we wanted to upgrade our diecutting machinery. Like anyone in this position, we went out to all the relevant manufacturers and suppliers. We chose to replace our existing semi-automatic diecutter with a Redline due to its enhanced features and also the backup Diecut Global have always given us.

We are extremely happy with our purchase and would be more than happy for anyone to call me and discuss why I chose this over any other machinery.

David Leighton, Managing Director, Fast Pak Packaging


Creative Cardboard Company (Australia) purchased a PF2100S Redline diecutter late in 2012. This was a significant step for our company as we had only used hand fed platens for 12 years.
We purchased the machine with a automatic feeding section as well as a stripping unit. Our work tends to vary from very short runs to long runs and both sections of the machine were hopefully going to reduce hand stripping and overall running time.

The Redline has now been running for 18 months and has proved itself as one of the best investments we have made. In the first full year of production, our turnover was up 20% and this was mainly due to the Redline’s speed and size.

The overall reliability of the machine is a testament to its build quality. The Redline is not only impressive in design and construction, but in its overall fit and finish.

I would recommend the Redline above all other diecutters, as an excellent tool for most corrugated or solid fibre converting facilities.

Roger Buratto, Creative Cardboard (Australia)


Since we purchased our Goldline 1300, our productivity has increased 400% per day and has prompted us to consider ordering an additional machine in the near future.

Paul Jonson, Vice President, Interior Packaging Design, Milford, Ohio


Having worked with Steve and his company for over 10 years now, we have bought machinery in the past and had his engineers service our machines always providing a professional service even at the times when we suffer machinery breakdowns or have a problem, Diecut Global have been able to react quickly and provide the solution. We would have no hesitation in recommending Steven’s products and the Diecut workforce to anyone.

Jason Lesley, UK Point of Sale


Cestrian have worked closely with Diecut Global and Steve Waterhouse for many years, Steven has worked with us on many complex machinery purchases and it has always been refreshing to work with someone so straight forward and transparent on purchases like this. Steven has an in depth knowledge in all the products that he offers together with a highly competitively priced expert team of engineers to back his products up. We would never purchase any post press products without speaking to Steve first.

Paul Whitehurst, Managing Director, Cestrian


I have sought advice from Steve on various projects on a number of occasions and he has came up trumps every time, an extremely detailed knowledge of his area of expertise and a very personable guy to boot, it is a pleasure to be professionally associated with Steve and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Gerry McQuillan, SP Group


Steven provided a number of solutions over the years for Ribble Packaging and has proven himself as a man of his word that understands the client’s business needs across the board. I’d advise anyone looking for a diecutters to speak to Steve first.

Gavin Williams, Ribble Packaging


Steve is an expert in the field of diecutters and his work with Diecut Global has been outstanding. His ability, along with the company to fully understand the needs of their customers and then to respond to those needs is excellent. I would be very happy to work with them again in the future.

John Hame, International Sales Manager, Corserve International


Dealing with Steven and Diecut Ltd. was an easy and pleasant experience.

Kevin Gillespie


It will be a pleasure to provide a recommendation for Steven Waterhouse and the service he supplies. Having known Steven over the past 6 years in both a personal and professional capacity I can highly recommend his services to anyone requiring print finishing machinery. I have always found Steven and his staff most helpful and professional providing help or advise when requested. Regards Tony Lomas MD Letterbox Creative Design.

Tony Lomas, Managing Director, Letterbox Creative Design


Steven has an extensive knowledge of the diecutters that he produces. He is aware of the current conditions of the packaging industry throughout the world and has adapted to suit its requirements. We look forward to a long business relationship with Steven and his company.

Roger Buratto, Creative Cardboard Ltd, Australia


I was very happy with the service Steve provided throughout a complicated international machinery purchase. He was a pleasure to do business with and has provided us with all the necessary ongoing support.

Emma McDaid-Smith


I was very happy with the service Steve provided throughout the last 9 years. In this time, I have found Steve and his company to be reliable and have been provided with an excellent on-going support.

Duncan Hesse Former Managing Director NSL (Norscreen Limited)