Die Cutting Machine Consumables

To support our comprehensive range of die cutters, we also offer a full range of consumables to ensure that your machine remains productive and in full working order throughout its lifespan.

While all of our machines are built to the highest standard and designed for a long life, it is necessary to replace some components over time in order to maintain optimum efficiency.  To this end, we supply high quality replacement parts that come with a full guarantee.

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please speak to a member of our team and we will be happy to help.

We offer the following:

Cutting and Compensating Plates

In order to ensure accurate and efficient cutting over time, you will need to replace the cutting plates.

1mm Cutting Plates

These 1mm cutting plates are designed specifically for a long life and to maintain sharpness over time.


A key die cutting machine consumable part.  These chases are correctly sized and can be fitted by a qualified engineer.

Backing Plates

Backing plates are designed to withstand enormous pressures from the cutting press, while holding your material in position during the process.

Gripper Bars

In order to minimise waste or losses it is essential that gripper bars are tight and fitted correctly.  Small deviations over millions of operations lead to loosening and a lack of control.

Gripper Fingers

To hold material in place and to maintain a stable cutting area, gripping fingers are used.  These need to be maintained in good condition over time to reduce movement under the press.

For more information about our range of die cutting machine consumables, please contact a member of our team today.  We are happy to discuss your needs with you and help you to place an order.