DCG P Series paper bag machine adopts sheet feeding mode. The whole process is completed in one pass by feeder transferring, reinforced card pasting, bag tube creasing, paper bag mouth folding and inserting, side gluing, tube forming, paper bag turning over, hole punching, paper bag square bottom forming, paper bag counting and collecting. This paper bag machine is the best choice for making all kinds of traceless medium and high-end gift bags by means of single sheet paper.

Head Card Type – the cut-off head card of the paper cutter is placed neatly on the guide rails, added at the right time and hr machine never needs to be stopped.

Head Card Paste Method – the innovative mechanical structure allows the head card to be handed over twice, and the positioning method enables the head card to be accurately positioned and pasted.

The Position of the Head – Casting Pasting – The head card is flexible in position and can be attached above or below the discount line. It is optional to the user.

Gluing Method – not only can the user choose the area of the glue on the hard card, but also the glue on both sides or the glue on one side, the glued area on the flip part can also be freely selected, which fully meets the different requirements of all paper bags. The side glue adopts the double glue injection method of hot glue and cold glue, which not only ensures the quality of the bag but can also save cost.

Head Glue Mechanical Structure – adopting the latest mechanical structure, the gluing system can be removed as a whole, which is convenient for maintenance, cleaning, etc. It also completely solves the problem of leaking glue.

Bag Head Inserted – the innovative patented mechanical structure is used to completely simulate the manual bag making method when the bag tube is formed. The two sides of the paper are completely inserted and bonded, which is quality and firm.

Folding Method – adopting the innovative patented mechanical structure, the paper bag is positioned by the mechanical device during the folding process. Whether it is thin paper or thick paper, it can be accurate which is quality and firm.

BSG Turn Over System – the new patented structure, after the bag tube is turned over, the movement direction is the same as the chain running direction, reducing impact and improving stability.