DCG H Series paper bag machine adopts sheet feeding mode. Handles are made by roll paper reinforced card and paper rope. The whole process is completed in one pass by feeder conveying, handle making, handle pasting, bag mouth folding, bag tube creasing, tube forming, square bottom forming and paper bag counting and collecting, thus reducing the labour effectively and increase efficiency. 

Handle Making Machine – This machine puts a handle rope between two pieces of paper and fixes it together with hot melt glue as a hand grip. The handle material can be twisted paper rope, twisted p.p. rope, acrylic resin rope, etc. The handle making machine is installed parallel to the main machine. It is possible to install it on either side of the main machine.

Handle (Cardboard) Pasting Unit – Pasting handles that are made by handle making machine or cardboard to the mouth of the main sheet paper and folding. This is pasting unit for handles or cardboard (double pasting style).

Punching Unit – This unit punches two holes as well as four holes, normally there are 3 kinds of hole diameters; 4,6 and 8mm. Also hole distance included two kinds; 80 to 200mm. It is possible to set up a banana type hole die cutting system as an option.Automatic Handle Making or Top Folding with Punching

Automatic Handle Making or Top Folding with Punching – this paper bag machine is able to make 3 different types of handle bags based on customer’s requirements.