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New brand of Signature. High quality with an economical price. The Signature brand is well known throughout the whole of Europe and USA. Manufactured by Ace Machinery, this range of Folder Gluers offers you the best return on investment in the market place today.

1. Easy accessibility – the machine is designed so that the operator enlarges the space of application to enable to work with comfortable posture. Also, machine setting is possible with simple tool.

2. Various option device – it can handle any type of carton by installing various option devices anytime according to usage.

3. Servo back folding device – Developed to work 30,000 sheets an hour. Also, you can input the speed, distance and angle.

• Auto Pack • Spanker • SigFeed • Sig-Blank Spotter • Pocket Fold • Milling Attachment • Speed-O-Line • Nick Breaker • Barcode Reader •


Signature Orient

Signature Orient 2

Signature Orient 3