Neo Glue 70/90

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The automatic folding carton gluer customised for the global market and developed by using accumulated technology.

  1. One touch type lower carrier belt tension device – with compressed air cylinder, it is easy to adjust belt tension with simple hand lever when you change the belt or move carriers.
  2. One body type drive shaft and wheel – with drive shaft and wheel for driving carrier made as one body, it can reduce the time in maintaining and keep the regular belt speed to minimise the belt torsion in operation.
  3. One touch type final folding section – it ensures accurate works with its high coefficient of friction. Also, it is designed for an operator to be able to adjust the speed with simple hand lever by seeing the carton in production.
  4. Ergonomic design – it is designed to set up the machine by one touch type so the operator won’t feel tired in long time work like putting blanks on feeder and getting completed products and delivery.


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