Heidelberg Cylinder

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Max Cutting Size: 10″ x 15″
Min Cutting Size: 1.5″ x 2.75″
Weight: 2 Tons
Cutting Speed: 5000 IPH
Power: 1.5 H.P

Kirby Roller Press

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Bed Size: 2230mm x 2850mm

Left bed: W 2230mm x L 2850mm

Center Piece: W 2550mm x L 540mm

Right Bed: W 2230mm x L 2850mm


Genco RD with Pre-Feeder and Print Unit

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Sheet Size: 2570 x 1670 (100″ x 66″)

Roda Combi Pad Machine

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Reference: Roda Combi 

Register Device: 700KG

Main Bloc: 2700KG

Super Combi Device: 1700 KG

Delivery Table: 600 KG

AGE of the Machine: 1976

Service: Currently 10 Slots on the machine with 4 Spare Slots

5 New Knives recently fitted

1 New Guillotine Blade fitted

Production: 400 x 1300 (Approx)           

Air:  4-6 Bar

Electrical: 3 Phase

All Manuals Available

SRA-M Slitter Scorer

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Age: 1999
7 Knives and 12 Scorers
Max Size: 2500mm
Speed: 300 m/min