Largest Goldline Evolution in the World Installed.

Diecut Global Limited, the Preston based supplier and manufacturer of corrugated, packaging, print and print finishing machinery, have announced the installation of the largest Goldline Evolution in the world, installed in the UK at one of the largest print and communications companies in the country. The company had already purchased a Goldline over 5 years ago. This has worked seamlessly on their production floor so it was only natural that as they were adding to their diecutting capabilities to choose the Goldline Evolution with this extreme format of sheet size: 3100 x 1900 and a maximum speed of 500 sheets per hour.

The original Goldline was introduced by Diecut Global 8 years ago as an alternative to the traditional hand fed platen.

Steve Waterhouse, Managing Director of Diecut Global, said, “As a responsible machine  manufacturer and someone who had sold hundreds of hand fed platens all over the world in the last 25 years, I knew the dangers of the original clamshell press. This was confirmed in recent history when people who simply operated them paid the highest price, on machines my old company had sold back when I was the sales director and co-owner of Crosland. I thought if I cannot bring to market a machine that not only does the same job but does it in a safe way, a way that jobs can be set up faster, it was easy for the operator to use and bring it to market at a comparable price to the old technology, then I was not doing my job.”

Diecut Global now have machines in many industries, cutting anything from display work, corrugated packaging, heat sealing plastic corrugated and cutting all grades of PVC. They have developed Goldlines to cut honeycomb board and thick foams to even kiss cutting vinyl. During this eight year period the machine has evolved into a true workhorse in a 24/7 environment.

They overcame many challenges and changed things from the basic structure to the shuttle system. Listened to the operators and the business owners and now after 8 years in working  trials, and with the original Goldline’s installed all over the USA, Canada and the UK, we have now collected all the data and  feedback from many different production environments and with  hours spent in research and development, the generation four machine has been produced.

The machine comes in 7 different sizes ranging from maximum cutting size 1700 x 1200 to the extreme format 3200 x 1900. Cutting with a maximum cutting pressure of 550 tons this means the machine is significantly stronger and able to cut much more meterage regardless of the substrate than any clamshell platen on the market. Standard specification include 4 modes of operation: single cycle, continuous cycle, dwell and variable speed control.

Electronic pressure setting at the touch of a button ensure change over and make ready of jobs is significantly quicker than traditional hand fed platens. Machine comes with a range of optional extras; heated bed, wide opening, hardened steel cutting plate and online diagnostics for offsite fast fault finding and correction.

Diecut Global also operate engineering support service to back up all our products installed globally.

For more detailed information on the ground breaking original Goldline technology together with comprehensive presentation and pricing, please contact the international sales team on +44(0)1772 508125 or sales@diecutglobal.

Download a Detailed Presentation Here.