DCG Auto Earloop face mask machine adopts adopts new 4-generation closed design, compact structure. It conforms to the safety standard of second class medical devices, and small area.

High Speed – big-drum with intelligent heavy double-knife slicing, distributed welding producer, flat film making, accurate size, (can beĀ  selected with 3 inch mechanical heart release reel, with tension control System functions)

Inner Mask – Achieve the inner ear mask with intelligent welding and folding, adopt multi-axis new motion control system, adopt new virtual spindle, electronic gear multi-axis control linkage system; The speed of equipment is stable and easy to adjust (when debugging the equipment, it can be adjusted into ultra-low speed. After debugging, it can be directly accelerated to the production speed).

Convenience – debugging, flexible operation, infinitely variable speed, small air consumption, automatic counting.

Remote Operation – remote operation control system (optional), including installation, adjustment and training.

Auto Earloop Face Mask Machine

Auto Earloop Face Mask Machine